Making it easier for users to understand a funding allocation change

We’ve improved the variance indicator feature that draws users’ attention to funding allocation changes. We wanted to make its purpose really clear, and it needed to be accessible to all users.

Manage Your Education and Skills Funding (MYESF)

15 September 2023

Iterating the single project journey

We updated the 'create a single project' journey based on user feedback.

Manage free school projects

14 November 2023

MYESF integration: Initial designs

With a new team on board, a new plan in place, and reduced content for the beta release, we explored designs in Figma

Get school business information

28 July 2023

Helping users to analyse their General annual grant (GAG) statements

GAG is a key allocation funding stream for academies, so we're adding new features that make it easier for them to understand and analyse changes to their funding.

Manage Your Education and Skills Funding (MYESF)

7 December 2023

Simplifying the general annual grant (GAG) statement journey

We’re acting on user feedback to make MYESF’s statement comparison functionality easier to find and use.

Manage Your Education and Skills Funding (MYESF)

31 January 2024

Pupil numbers

Confirming whether a new free school will have enough pupils.

Manage free school projects

4 April 2024

Project development grant

Helping users to enter and read grant information.

Manage free school projects

21 May 2024