Key stage data

We needed to present the latest available key stage data to delivery officers.

Prepare conversions and transfers

27 September 2022


Changes to our cookies banners and policies.

Prepare conversions and transfers

28 November 2022

Adding status tags to Key Stage Data pages

We had feedback that it would be useful to users to differentiate between 'Provisional', 'Revised' and 'Final' data.

Prepare conversions and transfers

6 March 2023

Making it easier to register on our service

We made some changes that reduced the data we ask users to give us, and changed what we asked so that it was more relevant and less confusing for users.

Early years child development training

3 April 2023

The new Free Schools Store (FSS)

An introduction to FSS and why we're replacing it.

Manage free school projects

30 June 2023


We've created some scenarios to help us understand how delivery officers and team leads manage free school projects.

Manage free school projects

6 September 2023

Iterating the single project journey

We updated the 'create a single project' journey based on user feedback.

Manage free school projects

14 November 2023

Constituency and MP

We designed a way for delivery officers to enter a constituency name and MP.

Manage free school projects

20 November 2023