Introducing navigation

In recent sprints we've created tables of information that help more user groups understand a project's status so they can prepare funding for the academy. We needed to add navigation to enable users to access this information.

Complete conversions, transfers and changes

30 June 2023

New features to support the user journey within the training

We looked at additional features that would support users in completing the training content in any order.

Early years child development training

21 November 2023

Risk ratings journey

We iterated the 'update risk ratings' journey to create a better user experience

Manage free school projects

22 November 2023

Improving the training progress bar component

We looked at ways which we could improve the initial progress bar component and connected user experience.

Early years child development training

30 November 2023

Why we changed the way navigation works in RECAST

We recently carried out a day of in-person user research. Our findings suggested that some users were having problems navigating between sections.

Record concerns and support for trusts

8 December 2023