Brand and domain names

The 3 services will be DfE branded, and for private beta sit on the domain.

Name of the services

The 3 services names will be:

  • Find support for your family
  • Connect families to support
  • Manage family support services and accounts

We worked on these names in groups sessions and in consultation with product managers. We agreed they will be heavily tested and are likely to change in private beta.

We have been advised by CDDO to keep the ‘Find support for your family’ service on the education domain until the move to public beta. This is standard practice for services to remain on departmental domains till public beta.

This means that we may need to re-brand the ‘Find support for your family’ service ahead of public beta move to the GOV.UK domain.

Department for Education | Find support for your family

Department for Education | Connect families to support

For public beta

The ‘Find support for your family’ service will have a DfE panel assessment. We anticipate less than 100,000 transactions per year (information only service).

The ‘Connect families to support’ and ‘Manage family support services and accounts’ services will need a cross government panel assessment, because they will be used by local authority staff.