First draft landing page

This is the first prototype from the new team, with Steve O’Connor (IxD) and Lisa Matthews (CD) tasked with creating it. After reviewing documentation and talking with the team, they created some experimental designs in Figma. These designs explored how the list of mandatory tasks could be best displayed to make them as useful as possible for the users. A first draft was then reviewed by the wider team. A key feature of this draft was the ability for users to check off tasks they had completed.


Second draft landing page

The team review of the first draft was very positive and insightful, highlighting some elements that could be included. A useful discussion with the developers about how this initial mandatory task list was being displayed to users revealed that we couldn’t include any personalisation–such as the checkboxes–in the September release. This feature was put in the backlog to revisit in future builds.

Following the team review a second draft was created and shared.

mandatory task list v2.png