ECS – family journey, check now / apply later.

For our final round of User Research, we focused on a ‘Check now, apply later’ journey for parents.

Based upon previous UR, some participants felt it would be helpful to check whether they were eligible for FSM, following the result, families would then create an account and apply.

The URs and Design team collaborated to understand previous research insights and how we might apply them to the journey created.

We established a new journey: inputting eligibility details, receiving a result, asking if the family would like to register, inputting their child’s details and then sending their eligibility information to their schools.

Initial findings show families reacted positively to this version of checking their eligibility.

In the Beta phase, we will be exploring the following: iterating on the above check, data and reporting for Local Authorities, status modelling for applications, managing account settings and transferring parents/children to another school.