The problem

Upon reviewing feedback from our service feedback banner and forms, there was consistent feedback from users about the training being too text heavy, and needing more interactive elements. Videos were explicitly mentioned by users as a way to make them feel more engaged.

Design solution

Videos are rarely included on other GOV.UK services. However, NHS.UK has included videos on their website to explain complex medical procedures and to explain diagnosis processes. For the on-page design, we adapted their video player card design, and reached out to their multimedia team for advice on how to make videos accessible.

Things we needed to include were:

  • a transcript
  • closed captions

The design we chose included a transcript beneath the video, and we ensured the video player chosen included ways to toggle closed captions.

A video about maslow's hierarchy of needs, with a visible transcript of the video underneath the video player

Video production process

Working with an external supplier, we produced a number of videos for the first batch of modules. The video production process involved:

  • writing scripts
  • securing filming locations
  • booking shoots
  • filming on location at childminders and nurseries
  • editing the videos
  • recording voiceover
  • reviewing rough and fine cuts
  • producing subtitles and transcripts

How they've tested

  • Participants liked the videos that we tested with them
  • Some participants didn't notice the transcript, but the same participants didn't necessarily want or need to transcript
  • Some participants didn't notice the closed captions
  • Participants asked if they can share the video with others
  • Some participants wanted to see more childminders in the videos
  • A few participants wanted to see other points of view displayed in videos
  • A few participants wanted the see videos in different formats, to keep them engaged

Next steps

Feedback from user research has led to us exploring animated videos, clearer instructions on the video page, in regards to using closed captions.