When creating the first design for our MVP, we needed to take account of a number of constraints and narrow down what would and would not be feasible for our private beta.

We wanted our focus to be on the method through which we could collect data and present service listings to users. As such, we removed certain aspects from our initial designs so we could focus on developing the directory, search functions and the way we show lists of services to users.

Not presenting information for parents and carers

Local authorities already present information for parents and carers, as do health services and others. For this stage we have chosen not to duplicate information and focus on showing physical services parents, carers, children and young people can access in their local area with a focus on family hubs and attached services.

Removing maps

We have chosen not to embed maps. We will provide the address and distance from postcode entered, and allow users to use their own choice of map to find directions to the service.

Search autocomplete

We have removed the free text search and autocomplete. Whilst we focus on data entry into the directory, we need to gain further understanding of how a text search would work effectively. Therefore we will focus on iterating and testing the filter search functionality for now.