User testing made us aware of a use case where some data users would require access to a conversion project in Prepare before a trust was known for a conversion, typically a Sponsored conversion where more than one trust might still be being considered.

Change to the ‘Create a new conversion’ journey

The current flow requires users to enter a trust as a mandatory field. We changed this to allow users to add a new conversion project without entering a trust if the trust was not yet known. But still having it as a mandatory field if the trust is known. We achieved this by adding an additional question into the flow: ‘Is there a preferred trust for this school?’

If the user selects ‘Yes’ they are required to select a trust as it has always worked. But if they select ’No’ they skip having to select a trust.


The check answers screen was updated to reflect this scenario, by omitting the trust fields:

02_Check answers.png

And lastly, the Trust name field was made editable in the task list:


Next steps

To review and amend as required based on any future user testing and feedback.