Originally the Conversions part of the Prepare service was split into voluntary and sponsored conversions. Voluntary conversions were automatically added to the service via the Apply to Become an academy service, and sponsored conversions were added directly in Prepare.

This has evolved somewhat to allow users to add form a MAT projects, as well as edge case projects involving, for example, SEN/PRU schools. These would apply, but would not come into Prepare via A2B.

What we did

In order to accommodate all of this, but primarily form a MAT projects, we revised the ‘Create a new conversion’ journey considerably.

To allow for all the different scenarios, we introduced three additional questions with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ options to determine which kind of project is added.

These were:

Did the school apply to convert?

01_Did the school apply to convert.png

Is this conversion part of the formation of a new trust?


Is the form a MAT/SAT project already in Prepare?


The check answers page was updated to reflect this, for example:

04_Check answers.png

Next steps

Once the service goes live monitor usage and carry out further user testing to ensure the journey meets all user needs and expectations.