Delivery officers (DOs) told us that it’s not clear on our general information page what year the Get Information about Schools (GIAS) data comes from.

“For [Academy] on the GIAS, the pupil population data for 2020/21 which is the latest, this is different from what pulls from the school information sheet. Therefore it’s crucial for any data being pulled about pupil population etc or school characteristic to have the academic year it relates to.” PB15

A page called general information. It includes the phrase "This information is taken from the GIAS service and KIM."

We needed to make it clear what year the GIAS data applies to in order to meet this user need:

“As a DO, I need to have a holistic picture of the transferring academy and trust they are joining so that I can understand if they are a good match”

What we did

We looked in the codebase to confirm:

  1. Which general information fields get their data from GIAS?
  2. What year was the data last updated on GIAS?

A table of academy transfers, Academies API, and DBSchema Table data.


We then separated the general information page out into GIAS data and other systems data. This is so users can quickly see which data came from GIAS.

A page called general information. It's split into 2 sections: data that comes from GIAS (Get Information about Schools), and data that comes from other systems.

Next steps

We’ll test if the content makes sense to users.