Applications to Form a MAT contain a section for describing the new trust. We ask for information around funding, expansion plans and details of how the trust will be run.

as-is trust section.png

What we noticed

Because the current build of the service was built using an earlier Word document version as a base, this section contains grouping and language errors.

  • Key people uses the word 'key' in a less than ideal way - it appears on the GDS list of words to avoid.
  • Governance structure and Key people cover broadly the same subject and each contains only a single question.
  • The Key people question is nonspecific and is open to interpretation. This means users are likely to need to contact us.

What we did

We realised that we could solve the first two issues by combining the two sub-sections under the name 'Governance'.

Key people split.png

To address the third problem, we broke down a single page into individual questions about specific roles, but gave the user the opportunity to tell us about other people we should know about.


These are 2.0 designs and we'll need to test them with users before we can feed them back into the current, live build.