We were able to use the start of the post-MVP phase to address and improve our ways of working.

Team pains in MVP phase

  • time/pace
  • working over-hours
  • Jira tickets misaligned
  • requirements not clear/ready for work
  • repetitive conversations
  • decision making
  • designing, developing and user researching concurrently (needed, but painful)

Identified causes

  • too much work-in-progress
  • not ‘finishing’ – constantly iterating
  • no overall responsibility for tickets
  • no ‘pipeline’ of work that UR could plan from
  • not very good refinement process

How we improved ways of working

Introduced Kanban - a lean Agile workflow management:

  • flow from left to right - on a Jira ticket board
  • limits on number of tickets in a column eg a design team could have no more than 4 tickets ‘in progress’ in the design research column
  • sign offs where work is ‘done’ for design and dev/test
  • refinement sessions for design and dev in the same room

Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 10.05.40.png

MoSCoW ratings ie Must Should Could Won’t

A backlog tickets in Jira was prioritised so everyone knew where efforts needed to be focused:

  • user researchers had a clear view of our intentions​
  • consensus and mutual understanding
  • everyone contributed
  • agreed and explicit
  • iterated 2 or 3 times, but soon we weren’t asking for any alterations

MoSCoW ratings example

Outcomes to improving WoW

The team liked this way of working because it was:

  • structured yet flexible to adapt to priorities or research findings
  • sustainable pace
  • the mindset of the team was one of adding value and moving on fast
  • developers and testers were protected from changes – more able to release
  • the team completed all work to schedule

Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 10.47.51.png

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