Our webinars

We held four webinars over two days on 11 March and 12 March 2024. The webinars were used to present our current thinking and aimed at local authorities, integrated care boards, software suppliers and wider stakeholders.

The aims of the webinars were to share:

  • EHCP policy aims
  • core values for our special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and alternative provision system
  • our research findings
  • recommendations for our beta phase including how we think we can all work together over the next 12-18 months and the types of support the DfE plans to offer

We explained why all SEND services should digitise their EHCP processes. It will help them:

  • deliver better experiences for both families and professionals
  • to continuously improve their services
  • focus staff time on family engagement rather than managing bureaucracy

We are looking at the best way to do this, based on both:

  • on-going user-centred research
  • insights from the change programme

We would like all local authorities to gain the benefits outlined in the SEND and alternative provision (AP) improvement plan by digitising.

Contact us

Find out how to get involved in research or the community group on our EHCP project page or email: EHCP.reform@education.gov.uk

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